Local Business: Lawn Doctor of West Broward

Lawn Doctor of West Broward

Local Business: Lawn Doctor of West Broward

For most of us, living in South Florida means mild winters and hot summers. For those of us living in West Broward or Pembroke Pines, it also means Lawn Care. No matter if you have a small front or side yard, or a large back yard complete with manicured landscaping you still have to deal with all of the things than can take a great looking lawn to a terrible one in short order. (Bugs, disease, fungus, etc.)

Chapel Trail Living - The #1 source for info on Chapel Trail in Pembroke Pines, FLI’ve seen and experienced too many companies send an untrained ‘technician’ out that does no inspection, no analysis, and sprays the same chemicals on different lawns with different problems.

My Experience with Lawn Doctor

After trying several services since I moved to Chapel Trail in 2015, I’ve found that one company rises above the rest, and that is Lawn Doctor of West Broward. A few years ago, I called Erik Hagan, who owns the local Lawn Doctor franchise, about treating my lawn. Within a day or two he was at my house taking soil samples and inspecting the entire lawn for issues, of which there were many. Although the lawn looked OK, I had weeds, some fungus, and an insect problem. Erik explained to me the issues, prescribed a treatment plan, and got to work.

Over the course of the next year, I saw a notable improvement in the overall condition and appearance of my lawn. In fact, it grows so fast and healthy in the summer months, that I’ve had to increase the frequency of how often it gets cut. Fast forward two-years later and I couldn’t be happier with the job he has done.

Lawn Doctor of West Broward is Highly-Rated

Lawn Doctor boasts high customer service ratings on sites like Trustpilot and Yelp, and at least one reason for the company’s success is its spread of services. Treatment options are varied and customizable. You can choose whichever specific service best meets your lawn care needs, or opt for the Lawn Maintainer Care Program. This annual program combines all of Lawn Doctor’s most popular services (fertilization, weed control, pest control), customized to your lawn’s individual needs. This plan is also available with organic products made exclusively with plant and animal waste.

I recommend Lawn Doctor of West Broward

As a Real Estate Broker, I am very careful in making recommendations as the service they provide is a reflection on me and my business as well. With Erik and Lawn Doctor, I am confident you’ll be as happy as I have been!

Chapel Trail Living - The #1 source for info on Chapel Trail in Pembroke Pines, FL
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