Controlling Weeds in your Pavers, Driveway, etc.

Weeds in Pavers

Controlling Weeds in your Pavers, Driveway, etc.

Chapel Trail Living - The #1 source for info on Chapel Trail in Pembroke Pines, FLLike many of you who live in Chapel Trail, I have pavers for my driveway.  Also like many of you, I constantly battle with the weeds that constantly are trying to make there way through them.  While the BEST solution to control this is to re-sand and seal them, the cost of doing so is not always an option for some.

One solution that I have found that works to keep the weeds under control is spraying a weed stop product for southern lawns directly onto your pavers.  Apply it heavily and let it soak into the cracks between your pavers.  I personally try and use an entire bottle per application, making sure the excess fluid settles between the pavers.  This helps kill any weeds that are currently there within a week or two as well as works to prevent future growth for a few months.  Doing this quarterly will help keep the weeds in your pavers under control.

This product can be found at most local retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, etc. or online at

QUICK NOTE:  You may be tempted to use a stronger product such as Groundclear, etc.  Be careful with them.  While they will kill the weeds more quickly, the runoff after any rain will wash it into your grass, killing that too.  I learned this the hard way when I first moved to Chapel Trail.  Learn from my mistake!

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