Chapel Trail Signs New Comcast Agreement

Chapel Trail Signs New Comcast Agreement

Chapel Trail Signs New Comcast Agreement


After more than a year long process, the Chapel Trail Owners Association has finally renewed it’s bulk agreement with Comcast. Renewing a bulk contract in an HOA is always a contentious issue that tends to bring out strong feeling on both sides. Those who are opposed to bulk agreements will argue that they have lost their choice of providers, while those in favor will argue that the cost savings outweighs that. There were 3 companies that were chosen by a committee of Board members and residents to be evaluated based on their responses to an RFP sent out in early 2021. Bluestream, a local fiber provider, Hotwire Communications, a regional fiber provider, and Comcast, the incumbent, were ultimately chosen as finalists.

After collecting and analyzing the three providers, their contracts, promises, timelines, and offering, the CTOA Board decided to get the community’s input on the matter. Unsurprisingly, Comcast was the overwhelming winner of that vote. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the new contract, including the new tiers of service, the new equipment package, and the eventual upgrade to fiber optic technology.

Upgrade to Gigabit Internet

Comcast GigabitWhile the included TV package remains the mostly the same, one of the most significant benefits of the new contract is the upgrade from the Blast! tier of service to the Ultrafast or Gigabit tier for Internet. Because Comcast ties their contracts not to a specific speed, but to a specific tier of service, Chapel Trail residents were able to take advantage of speed increases from 500Mbps to 1,000Mbps to this tier while the negotiations took place. Upload speeds remain a paltry 20Mbps at the moment, but Comcast has publicly discussed increasing those in the near future, so expect that to bump up in the next few years. With increased speed and reliability, users can expect improved streaming and video conferencing quality. This can lead to increased productivity for both families and those who work from home. The new tiers of service are designed to enhance user experience and make online activities smoother and more efficient.

New Equipment

Comcast xFi DVRIn addition to the new tiers of service, the new contract also includes new equipment. This new equipment is designed to enhance user experience, with new modems and routers that will provide faster speeds and better reliability. The new equipment will allow users to take full advantage of the new tiers of service, providing a seamless online experience. The previous contract allocated a cable modem, DVR, X1 box, and a DTA (SD quality, no premium channels) to each household. The new agreement includes 3 X1-capable boxes, an upgraded cable modem capable of handling the higher speeds, and Standard Cloud DVR service. Chapel Trail residents should call the bulk service customer support line to inquire about upgrading their equipment as the new contract has already gone into effect. As a result of a lightning strike last year, I chose to move to wireless/ethernet capable boxes to further insulate my TVs from the coax lines that carry electricity quite well (I speak from experience). Those boxes are only available via the customer service phone number, and not the Xfinity store, so keep that in mind if you choose that option.

Upgrade to Fiber from Coax

No Data Caps!The most exciting benefit of the new contract is the eventual upgrade to fiber from coax. Fiber optic technology is faster and more reliable than coaxial cable, which means users can expect even faster speeds and better reliability. Fiber optic technology is also more secure, which is an important consideration for residents and those working from home.

Unfortunately, this will require Comcast to perform an install similar to the one AT&T did several years ago to upgrade their nodes and install fiber to each home. Unlike AT&T though, Comcast will be working in coordination with the CTOA, so the resolution of issues should be much more efficient, provided the Board puts capable people in charge of coordinating that process with Comcast. Hopefully, the process will be carefully managed to minimize any disruptions. Residents should be notified in advance of any work that will be done, and any disruptions will be kept to a minimum. As someone who works from home though, I’ve chosen to get a backup connection from T-Mobile in the likely event there are service disruptions during the implementation phase. To do the same, click here: and sign-up for their Home Internet service.


According to the contract, the implementation of the upgrade to fiber optic technology will take place over approximately 2 years. The timeline of implementation will depend on the specific neighborhood and the timeline agreed to by the CTOA Board and Comcast. However, once the implementation is complete, residents can expect a significant improvement in their online experience. As more information is officially released, I’ll update this article or post future ones describing the upgrade plan.


In conclusion, the bulk contract renewal with Comcast is an exciting event for Chapel Trail residents. The new tiers of service, new equipment, and eventual upgrade to fiber optic technology will provide significant benefits to users. The upgrade to fiber optic technology is especially exciting, as it will provide faster speeds, better reliability, and more security. The future is bright for Chapel Trail homeowners, and we look forward to the continued partnership with Comcast to provide the best online experience possible.

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