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Local Business: 954 Pressure Cleaning

Owning a home in South Florida has its perks, but unfortunately it does come with its fair share of mandatory maintenance. You may not be able to see the dirt and grimy buildup on the exterior of your home, but believe me, it’s there. This accumulation of dirt is not a reflection on your cleaning or home maintenance abilities—it’s simply part of your house being exposed to the elements. Having owned homes in South Florida for over 30 years, I've cleaned my own roof on numerous occasions. While it is certainly doable to purchase a pressure cleaner and do-it-yourself, it is not for the...

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Understanding the Chapel Trail HOA Structure

One of the more confusing aspects of owning a home in Chapel Trail is the structure of the Chapel Trail Owners' Association. This blog article, we'll try to explain the structure of the HOA and how it relates to each homeowner. This article assumes you have a basic understanding of HOAs in general. If not, head over to our HOA 101 article on our brokerage web site. Chapel Trail HOA Structure Each home in Chapel Trail is subject to Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations of two separate, but related HOAs, commonly referred to as "the master" association...

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Controlling Weeds in your Pavers, Driveway, etc.

Like many of you who live in Chapel Trail, I have pavers for my driveway.  Also like many of you, I constantly battle with the weeds that constantly are trying to make there way through them.  While the BEST solution to control this is to re-sand and seal them, the cost of doing so is not always an option for some. Here's what to do...
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Royal Kids Pembroke Pines is Now Open!

For a lot of Chapel Trail and West Pines residents, there has been much speculation as to what would happen to the old Walgreens at 196th Ave and Pines Blvd.  A few months ago, we learned that it would become a children's playground center called Royal Kids.  Royal Kids is a French company and the Pembroke Pines location will be its first in the United States.
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