Comcast / Xfinity Bulk Contract Part 3: Convenient Features

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Comcast / Xfinity Bulk Contract Part 3: Convenient Features

In this last part of my blog series on the Comcast / Xfinity Bulk Agreement, I’ll talk about how to get the most value out of an already great deal. When speaking with my neighbors, I often realize that most homeowners don’t realize how much value is there, or if they do, how best to use it. This article will try to help you maximize the value of the Chapel Trail / Comcast Bulk Contract.

One thing I want to point out at the beginning of this article is that if you do not get a bill from Xfinity directly, you should register with them and create an Xfinity ID. This will unlock many online services that are available simply because the Chapel Trail Bulk package contains a specific channel. You can create an Xfinity ID to access your Xfinity services online. You can also manage your Xfinity ID and create up to six secondary IDs through My Account. Full instructions on how to do this can be found here.

The “basics”

Xfinity X1 DVR cloud storage

Comcast Xfinity DVR

The real selling point on the DVR side is that Comcast lets you save your recordings to the cloud. That gives you the ability to stream them and download them to your devices even when you’re not home. And if you do this over an Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot, then you can watch or download without using your mobile data. One thing to note is that you can’t download or stream content if you’re traveling outside the U.S., so be sure to download content and save it to your device before you go.

Voice control

The Xfinity X1 remote control includes a voice command button. Press and hold it, then tell it to “pause,” “skip ahead,” and so forth. You can also search using the voice controller by asking for the name of a show, a sports team, an actor, and more.

Stream Xfinity TV on your computer your mobile devices

Xfinity Stream App

Xfinity lets you stream TV to your computer or mobile devices using a web browser or the free Xfinity Stream App. From home, you can watch ALL of your channels, including premium channels such as HBO, etc. On the road there are some restrictions, but most of the package is still available. To view TV on the Web, use the Xfinity Stream Portal. To use the Xfinity Stream Mobile app, download the app from your App Store, and refer to this article for complete instructions on how to use it.

Use Streaming Apps directly on your X1 box

Xfinity X1 provides a one-stop shop for the best content with Netflix, HBOMAX, Amazon Prime VideoHulu, PeacockTV, YouTube, and more, all just a voice command away. Use the X1 Voice Remote and just say the name of the app to open it, or use the Apps menu to find compatible streaming apps.

Extra features you may not be aware of

Use the Comcast Bulk Support Phone Number

Many residents simply call the main Comcast support number when they have an issue. But did you know that Chapel Trail has a special phone number(s) that can be called for faster service? If you have issues or would like to make any upgrades, these numbers have customer service representatives that are familiar with the Bulk Agreement and can provide better service and more accurate pricing. You can reach Comcast Bulk Support at 866-367-6452 or 866-694-9415.

Avoid extra box fees by using a FireTV or Roku TV or streaming device

Xfinity on Roku

After the 3 boxes you are allocated by the Bulk Contract, an extra X1 box will cost you $7.50 per month. But if you have a Roku TV or Fire TV (or streaming device), you can use the XFinity Stream App for free. While it’s not as convenient or fast to use as the X1 Receiver, it is great for TVs that only get occasional usage. The app is technically in “Beta”, so it can disappear at any time, but I have used this app for the past 4+ years and it works quite well. I even returned 2 X1 Receivers as a result.

Take advantage of Free Access to HBOMAX and PeacockTV

As mentioned in my previous article, streaming services have really taken off since the Chapel Trail Comcast Bulk Agreement took effect. Two of the major services that have launched in the past year are PeacockTV and HBOMAX, and Chapel Trail Homeowners have access to both.

Worthwhile Upgrades

Digital Starter to Digital Preferred

While the package that comes with the Chapel Trail Bulk package is great, there are a few upgrades that you might want to consider. On the TV side, I upgraded from the included Digital Starter Package to the Digital Preferred Package. This costs about $20 per month and adds about 80 channels. You can compare the TV Packages here.

Blast! to Gigabit Internet

Comcast Gigabit

As someone who works from home, having a high-speed connection is imperative to my business as a Real Estate Broker. With that in mind, I called Comcast to find out how much it would cost to upgrade my speed a bit. I was pleased to find out that an upgrade to their Gigabit Internet tier was only $30 per month. For me, this was a no-brainer and I imagine there are multiple households in Chapel Trail with multiple parents and kids competing for bandwidth that could take advantage as well. Upgrading to this tier required a professional installer at a charge of $70, but they did offer to cut that in half when I upgraded in the summer of 2019. I’d ask if they would do the same now.

In Conclusion

Whether you were in favor of it or not, Chapel Trail’s Bulk Contract with Comcast / Xfinity is a part of living in Chapel Trail. You might as well get the most out of it while saving money in the process. If you have questions or feel I’ve left out a feature or tip, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

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